Newsletter – Year I – Number II – December, 2022

Our DATERRA partner is the interviewee for this edition

Gabriel Agrelli Moreira, Quality and Market Development Manager at Daterra Coffee. He is also runner-up in the Brazilian Coffee Brewers Championship, held in November 2022, where he participated with Daterra Coffee.

Gabriel Moreira, Gabriel Agrelli Moreira, Quality and Market Development Manager at Daterra Coffee and runner-up in the Brazilian Coffee Brewers Championship

Daterra Coffee is proud to be a partner of the Agronomic Institute (IAC) at the CCD-CROP-IAC Research Consortium.

In this project, IAC studies the development of naturally caffeine-free arabica coffee, which could be a strong market trend in the future. Daterra is the only private company in the coffee sector, so far, to support coffee research at the CCD-CROP-IAC. This project also includes research in citrus and sugarcane, supported by other companies and institutions.

We are grateful to IAC and we believe in the importance of supporting research in Brazil for the development of innovative, purposeful and, above all, sustainable coffee farming.

The interaction between Daterra Coffee and the Agronomic Institute goes beyond the partnership at CCD-CROP-IAC. The Barista Experience event, organized by the company, gathered baristas from different countries at IAC, in Campinas, on July 8, 2002. In addition to Brazilians, champion baristas from Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, England and Ireland were present. Organized annually by Daterra Coffee, in 2022 the event was held from 3 to 9 July 2022.

At the “Alcides Carvalho” Coffee Center, located at IAC Santa Elisa Farm, in Campinas -SP, the baristas attended the presentation by the Institute researcher, Sérgio Pereira Parreiras, on July 8th. The scientist spoke about IAC and its relevance for Brazilian coffee growing. The group also visited the germoplasm collection with varieties and species of the genus Coffea maintained by IAC.

Everyone was delighted with the collection and diversity of genetic material developed by IAC. The visit was very informative and, certainly, the professionals left with a good view of the IAC’s relevance for coffee growing in Brazil and worldwide.

Why take them to the IAC?

Gabriel: IAC is one of the main centers of research and science related to coffee in the world. Brazilian coffee growing has developed and is emerging in the world, certainly, due to the work carried out in this institution. Daterra Coffee has a long-standing partnership with IAC in carrying out several surveys, which helped a lot in the development of our coffee quality. Without the help of e IAC, it would not be possible for us to be present in so many markets, representing the quality of Brazilian coffee. We are grateful to IAC and believe in the importance of this Institution for our industry and for the Brazilian economy. Whenever possible, we highlight this work to the world. Therefore, the Barista Experience passes through the IAC.

Why does Daterra do the Barista Experience?

Gabriel: Daterra’s goal in holding this meeting is to bring major opinion makers in the coffee market to learn more about Brazilian coffee. Here, you can see and understand that Brazil is indeed a great producer of quality coffee, research and science. Despite its relevance and dimension among specialty coffee professionals, for a long time Brazilian coffee was seen internationally as a product of low quality when compared to other origins. Brazil was seen only as a volume producer. Through these events, we were able to break many paradigms linked to the image of our coffee abroad. For example, in 2018, the world champion barista in brewing strained coffee, Emi Fukahori, used Daterra coffee in the world competition. It was the first time in history that a Brazilian coffee won the competition. Before that, competitors didn’t even dare to bring Brazilian coffees to the stage. Through these visits, we were able to change that.


World Cup in the coffee universe

In the Barista Experience event, Daterra Coffee invites the champions of the World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup Competition. These are the world’s biggest coffee-related competitions today – as if they were the World Cup in the world of coffee. Daterra invites champion baristas to visit its farms in Patrocínio city, in the State of Minas Gerais. There, professionals are immersed for a week, learning about coffee production processes and quality. They visit Daterra’s laboratories and research fields and also conduct tastings. They are challenged to harvest and process a small batch of coffee with their own hands. As part of the event, on July 9, the baristas shared their knowledge with the city of Campinas and coffee lovers, at the Abigail Coffee Company coffee shop, in the Cambuí neighborhood. All champions gave presentations on techniques to prepare coffee, in addition to bringing delicious coffee beans to present to the public. Although all of them are champions of barista competitions, in fact, they are professionals who work in different areas of coffee. Among the champions were coffee shop owners, roasters, coffee growers, green coffee importers, etc. The baristas left Brazil with an excellent impression of the Brazilian coffee quality and also of the professionalism that exists in our industry. They were able to see sustainability actually being applied at all stages of production and understood the responsibility employed in our coffee production.

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