Newsletter – Year I – Number II – Article 6 – August, 2022

How do “genetic scissors work”: citrus as model

Gene editing and its application on citrus was the theme addressed by researchers of the IAC-Citrus Center, in the magazine Current Citriculture no 131, of November 2021 ( This innovative technique makes it possible to develop improved varieties in a more timely and specific manner. The method has revolutionized many knowledge areas, including agriculture. The research conducted by the IAC “Sylvio Moreira” Citrus Center is intended to use the CRISPR technology to create plants resistant to Huanglongbing (HLB), main disease that affects the current citrus orchards.

Recently, with the approval of the Science Center project for CCD-NPOP-IAC Development (Citrus, Coffee and Sugarcane), funded by the FAPESP and partner companies, the idea is to enhance the gene editing technique for agricultural crops of great economic importance for the State of São Paulo. A summary of how the gene editing technique works via CRISPR-CAS9 can be observed at the figure below.

Figure summarizes the initial analysis to reach the patented methodology


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