Newsletter – Year I – Number III – Article 5 – December, 2022

GranBio makes alliance with Nuseed in sugarcane R&D

Visit of the Nuseed technical team to the center of Cana on 11/16/22. From right to left: Leon Streit, José Bressiani, Ricardo Bendzius, Silvana Creste, Paula Nobile, Simone Ferreira and Danyel Contiliani.

Nuseed and GranBio have entered into a long-term strategic alliance to accelerate R&D and global commercialization of energy cane. Nuseed acquired GranBio’s energy cane assets and R&D program with the aim of fundamentally improving the value of renewable energy produced through energy cane innovation. GranBio will continue to invest in energy cane through Nuseed and will be the exclusive licensor of raw materials for applications in the lignocellulosic field, such as cellulosic sugars and lignin, 2G ethanol, biochemicals, SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel – sustainable aviation fuel) and renewable materials around the world.

Nuseed’s Board of Directors visits the IAC.

On October 11 and November 16, 2022, Nuseed’s technical team visited the biotechnology facilities at Centro de Cana. Dr Brent Whittaker, Global Market Development Manager, Dr. Ricardo Bendzius commercial director of bioenergy, Dr Leon Streit, global director of R&D, Dr José Antonio Bressiani Director of research and development, Dr Hugo Soriano, coordinator of the hybridization station. On the occasion, the NPOP project was presented, and new collaboration proposals were also discussed.

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