Newsletter – Year I – Number III – December, 2022

Evaluation of experiments at Citrosuco

Participants of the CCD-CROP-IAC team in the experiment at Fazenda Entre Rios – Citrosuco, October, 2022.

On October 13, 2022, the CCD-CROP-IAC project team was at the Entre Rios Farm, in the municipality of Gavião Peixoto – SP, to evaluate an experiment, whose objective is to verify the occurrence of incompatibility in combinations of Pera sweet Orange grafted on citrumelo and citrandarins rootstocks, with (I) and without (S) interstocking with Hamlin sweet orange. The experiment was established in December 2012, where productivity (boxes/plant), juice yield (%), fruit mass (g), ratio, technological index (TI) and compatibility between the canopy and rootstocks varieties are evaluated, since the incompatibility of Pera sweet orange grafted on trifoliate and their hybrids is known.

In six years of evaluation, no symptoms of incompatibility were observed in the combinations without intergrafting and the citrandarins IAC 1710_S, IAC 3070_I, IAC 3152 Itajobi_S, IAC 3299 Muriti_S, Sunki x Benecke_I and the citrumelo Swingle_S have stood out for presenting the highest TI.

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