Newsletter – Year I – Number II – Article 7 – August, 2022

CCD-CROP-IAC team comes up with a methodology for large scale selection of genome-edited plants and starts a capacity building course

The knowledge acquired on the High Resolution Melting technique in order to use this tool for selecting plants genome-edited via CRISPR/Cas9 was shared with the team of researchers from CCD-CROP-IAC. The application of the technology makes it possible to speed up the research works with genome editing and take a step forward in search of citrus, coffee and sugarcane varieties tolerant to diseases and pests. Training was given by doctorate candidate Reinaldo Rodrigues de Souza Neto, on 16th & 17th March 2022, in Cordeirópolis, interior of São Paulo.

This CCD-CROP-IAC meeting was attended by IAC scientists, from the citrus, coffee and sugarcane departments, and from the Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture, a division of the São Paulo University (Esalq-USP).

The training was conducted in two parts: one theoretical, to give details on the technique and its applications, and the other part was used for trials followed by result analysis.

This innovative technique, which makes it possible to select genome-edited plants reducing the need for sequencing, is already being used routinely at IAC citrus research works, and training made it viable to share these experiences with other institutions, with an eye on integrating the entire CCD-CROP-IAC team.


IAC and Esalq-USP scientists attended the training course.


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