Newsletter – Year I – Number III – December, 2022

CCD-CROP-IAC meeting: Interdependence of squads

CCD-CROP-IAC team that participated in the workshop at the Cane Center IAC in Ribeirão Preto

On August 12, 2022, took place the first agile meeting CCD_CROP_IAC at the Center of Cana- IAC in Ribeirão Preto/SP. The objective of the event was to implement specific agile management methodologies, assess the level of interdependence of the teams and identify the technological maturity (TRL) of the deliveries proposed in the project. The lectures and dynamics of the event were led by the IAC master’s student Christopher Martinez Tsen, with the support of professionals Dr. Tsen Chung Kang and Dr. Hannes Fischer, representing the Shunji Nishimura Foundation.

The group dynamics were carried out to generate greater integration among the participants. One of the dynamics was the “interactive icebreaker” made by Dr. Hannes Fischer using the “Mentimeter”, a tool for interaction between project participants. Afterwards, a lecture was given by Dr. Tsen Chung Kang on the different levels of management within the Brazilian academic system and the need for interdependence at each level. After the presentation, there was a dynamic of reflection in groups and presentation of the consensus by the teams regarding the vision on the interdependence of the subprojects that make up the CCD-CROP-IAC.

In the afternoon, three more dynamics were performed; the first was the construction of the Knowledge Map of the Cana, Citrus-CRISPR and Citrus-rootstock squads. The maps are an important part of the projects, as they show in a playful and summarized way all the areas of knowledge of the participants of each squad, necessary for the development of the whole project.

In the second dynamic, participants performed a self-assessment of their level of knowledge in each area of ​​the project, called the skills matrix. The last dynamic was the learning and construction of the Technology readiness level (TRL) of the deliveries proposed in the CCD-CROP-IAC. During the dynamic, the participants constructed a ruler (1-9) that determines the stage in which the technologies under development are, ranging from the first theoretical ideas and laboratory tests to the production of technology and commercialization.

At the end of the workshop, the results were compiled and the knowledge map, skill matrix and TRLs of the CCC-CROP-IAC project were generated.

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