Newsletter – Year I – Number III – December, 2022

2nd Workshop of the Science Center for Development CROP-IAC

Participants of the 2nd Workshop of the CCD-CROP-IAC, 11/25/2022.

On November 25, 2022, the 2nd Workshop of the Center for Science for Development CROP-IAC was held at the Citriculture Center of the Agronomic Institute (IAC), in Cordeirópolis. The event was attended by researchers, students, and representatives of partner companies Agroterenas, CiaCamp, Citrosuco and Jacto.

The objective was to present and discuss the results achieved in the first year of the project, with a total of 18 presentations.

The event proved to be an important activity to expand the interaction between participants of citrus, coffee and sugarcane cultures in gene editing activities and establishment of new cultivation systems for citrus.

The presentations allowed the groups to raise questions and also find possible solutions for existing problems in their projects. The interaction with the speakers and between the participants of the event was also a positive point. During the breaks, the participants were able to interact and, together with the partner companies, it was possible to identify potential innovations and new doubts, creating new perspectives and goals that could help and direct the project’s activities. At the end, a survey was carried out, which identified, among others, that for 50% of the participants, the results presented are within the expected range and demonstrate that the objectives/goals of the project should be achieved, while for 45% of the participants, the results are above than expected, indicating that the project’s objectives/goals can be exceeded.

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