Newsletter – Year I – Number II – Article 4 – August, 2022

1st Workshop at the Science Center for the CCD-CROP-IAC development project

Professionals from coffee, sugarcane and citrus product chain/or productive sector had the opportunity to attend, on 4th May 2022, the 1st Workshop at CCD-CROP-IAC, promoted by the Agronomic Institute (IAC), hosting institution of the project financially supported by the Research Support Foundation of the State of São Paulo (FAPESP) and partner companies

The objective of the research works conducted by the Science Center for the CCD-CROP-IAC Development project (Citrus, Coffee and Cane: Research organization for Innovative Products) consists in expanding the scientific and technological basis for solving well defined problems in these three agricultural crops. The IAC runs the most relevant research programs in Brazil in these three segments.

At the Workshop, IAC researcher and CCD-CROP-IAC leader Mariângela Cristofani Yaly, presented the project in the triple helix research and innovation project. “I also showed that the focus of the project consists in solving problems specific to citrus, coffee and sugarcane, with the use of biotechnology”, she comments.

Print of the remote event: 1st Workshop of the Science Center for the CROP-IAC Development project.


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